this is for everyone to whom I've ever sent an email raving about my latest musical obsession. I fall in love with music so quickly and I get so excited to share this love, that I've decided compile everything here for anyone who wants to jam.....

Jun 22

"Latch" by Disclosure ft Sam Smith…

thanks to ryk n’ ari….

May 27

To: MY RYkiel

"Pretty Girls"  by Little DRAGON

Apr 5

Mapei ‘don’t wait’

big ups to ariel for putting me on…i can’t get enough and i love the way she moves… to being lovers and friends

Mar 2

the first time i heard myself in the form of a song…

                                    …radiohead’s ‘talkshow host’…

Feb 4

Dec 24

D’Angelo’s “Lady”

jammin in the whip right now…whole album is necessary

Aug 15

"Nights In White Satin" 

Written by Justin Hayward
Performed by The Moody Blues

hypnotizing and mystical…has me feeling some kind of way really…

Mar 18

Too Short - Blow The Whistle by liquiddreams54

"Blow The Whistle" by Too Short

Prob one of my favorite beats EVVVVVVVER. This shit gets me out of my seat every time. There’s one line in the song that I will not repeat, but other than that I probably know every word and that’s a rare occurrence for me.

but peep homegirl outside the club at 01:18. I SO feel her. Sometimes I get mad cuz I’m like I can party better than ANY of those motha’s up in there leant up against the wall thinkin they’re cool. F that. 

Mar 9

"I Wonder" by Sixto Rodriguez

what an amazing and humbling life he’s led. i can’t even believe i forgot about this gem from when i first stumbled upon it…

Feb 19

Roman GianArthur “I-69”

Feb 9

"Keep You" by Wild Belle… oooooh lala

Oct 21

Major Lazer - “Get Free” ft. Amber of the Dirty Projectors

Jun 12

"BREAKDOWN" by Tom Petty


Mar 10

Thanks to Danny for sharing… AMAZING.

"Lonesome Lover" Solo by jazz drummer Max Roach, 1962

Feb 13

"Thinking About You" by Frank Ocean

I am admittedly a one track on repeat until I can’t listen to it anymore type-of-girl, but I dunno—I just can’t help it. Every time this song ends, my fingers automatically move to restart it without my even trying. I think I just like when I hear boys hit those high notes so well… especially when they’re chocolate.

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